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Discover the future of athletic performance with Vielight’s patented products. Explore our published research and join the ranks of elite athletes maximizing their potential.

A Global Innovation Program

Ongoing active research that drives product development

The global programs developed by the Vielight research team oversee the world’s largest research and innovation program focused on Transcranial Photobiomodulation (tPBM) light therapy. We are recognized globally for advancing research in new treatment protocols related to mental health, brain fitness, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and dementia.

In addition to our in-house research team, Vielight collaborates with the NCAA, professional sports teams, and leading educational and healthcare institutions to explore photobiomodulation’s impact on sports performance.


Published Studies with Vielight Technology


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Institutional Collaborations


Science-based Performance Improvement

Proven benefits for all types of athletes

Brain performance

At the highest competitive level, brain performance matters as much as physical performance. Unlock the power of your brain and body with Vielight’s photobiomodulation technology.


Our technology is supported by studies on Neuromodulation of the Gamma brain state. Athletes in the gamma state are less likely to be distracted and can maintain a laser-like focus.


Vielight’s products help athletes with quick thinking and problem solving during competitions. Creative athletes are better equipped to come up with solutions on the fly.

Medical Research

Helping with faster and more efficient recovery

Brain injuries

Vielight Neuro is utilized in groundbreaking traumatic brain injury research at the University of Utah and at the US Veterans Affairs.

Muscle recovery

Experience pain relief and accelerated muscle recovery with the Vielight Relief, our portable FDA-approved device for pain relief. 

Viral infections

The Vielight RX-Plus improves immunity and accelerates the recovery of upper respiratory symptoms in viral infections, such as COVID-19

Learn more about Vielight’s products and their benefits on our YouTube channel

US Veterans Affairs

At Vielight, we’re proud to be a registered vendor within the US Veterans Affairs for traumatic brain injury recovery, ensuring that those who’ve served can access the cutting-edge technology they deserve. They could also benefit from the results of a pending study on the Vielight Neuro’s impact on sleep and meditative outcomes.

Research Team

The strongest clinical research team in the industry

Dr. Lim

PhD, MBA, DNM, FCMA, CA(M), Grad Cert (Eng)

Dr. Lim owns the largest number of worldwide issued and pending patents related to Photobiomodulation (PBM) as an individual. A frequent speaker, he has spoken around the world at conferences on various topics related to the broader field of neurotechnology and PBM. His work has been recognized in numerous scientific journals and featured in notable media outlets such as MSNBC, The UK Telegraph, Channel News Asia, CTV Toronto, The Australian, and Ozy Media.

Dr. Lim holds a PhD, MBA, DNM, FCMA, CA(M), Grad Cert (Eng) is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, with graduate degrees, diplomas, certifications and professional credentials in engineering, neuroscience, and business. He obtained these from the University of California, Berkeley, Sheffield University, Duke University and Quantum University.

Dr. Nazanin Hosseinkhah

Ph.D. (Medical Biophysics) 
MSc (Physics)

Dr. Genane Loheswaran

MSc (Neuroscience) 
Ph.D. (Pharmacology)

Dr. Mahroo Karimpoor

Ph.D. (Pharma/Material Bioscience) 
MSc (Tissue Engineering)

Dr. Reza Zomorrodi

Ph.D. (Computational Neuroscience) 
MSc (Atomic/Molecular Physics)

Dr. Janine Liburd

Ph.D. (Biochemistry) 

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